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Low Carbon Agricultural Support Project (LCASP)

The “Low Carbon Agricultural Support” Project (LCASP), with grant assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), aims to reduce air, water and soil pollution by supporting Climate Smart Agricultural Waste Management Practices (CSAWMP) in Vietnam. The project will reduce pollution from agricultural waste by processing agricultural and rural household wastes into clean energy and bio-slurry; and disseminate, strengthen, and diversify the knowledge base for the application of CSAWMP.


Livestock production puts a serious stress on the environment in Vietnam. Discharging untreated livestock waste carries high level of pathogens, which pollutes water resources, endangers human and animal health, and emits greenhouse gases, which account for half of the greenhouse gases emitted by the country. Among agricultural activities, rice cultivation is the highest source of greenhouse gases emissions (45%), followed by livestock raising (35%).


The expected impact of the project will be less agriculture-related pollution. To reach that goal, the project plans to have greater CSAWMP uptake, as measured by the increased use of clean biogas energy and organic bio-slurry fertilizers. 


Viet Nam

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Asian Development Bank

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Description of actual services provided in the assignment

The objectives of the assignment are to consult ad support the management and implementation of the project hasfour major components, namely:

  • Expand use of livestock waste management infrastructure:
  • Credit lines for biogas value chains
  • Transfer of technology for enhanced CSAWMP
  • Effective Project Management


LCASP is a five-year project starting inNovember 2015 and ending in August 2018. It is implemented by ACI with local partner “Asia Development Consult Joint Stock” Company (ADCJSC) in 10 provinces of Vietnam: Bac Giang, Ben Tre, Binh Dinh, Ha Tinh, Lao Cai, Nam Dinh, Phu Tho, Soc Trang, Son La, and Tien Giang. The LCASP team closely works with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.



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