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Advanced Project Preparedness for Poverty Reduction – Institutional Development for a Value Chain Approach to Agribusiness

The objective is to support the development of a State Agribusiness and Marketing Policy that will guide the development of horticulture sector and to conduct a policy strategic planning process and draft a policy statement to be submitted to the State Government.



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Asian Development Bank

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Description of actual services provided in the assignment

i. Reviewing current policy guidance for the development of agribusiness and agrimarketing in Bihar and Maharashtra ii. Coordinate with other consultants in the implementation of a needs assessment and survey of high value horticulture value chain stakeholders and their institutional needs and capacity iii. Support the legal expert to develop an appropriate legal and regulatory framework to present to sector stakeholders (for the state of Bihar). iv. Define a policy development process and initiate the strategic needs assessment part of this process v. Provide a draft for further consultation to be undertaken by the team leader


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Mission Report Bihar and Maharastra - April 2012.pdf-1417801012.pdf Download
Mission Report Bihar and Maharastra - July 2012.pdf-1417801021.pdf Download
Preliminary Agricultural Marketing Review and Outline Bihar.pdf-1417801024.pdf Download