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ACI consultants reviewed and designed of Operational Plan for Food Security of Asian Development Bank



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Asian Development Bank

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Description of actual services provided in the assignment

Services Provided: (i) Evaluated the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency in the implementation of ADB's Operational Plan for Sustainable Food Security, specifically on (a) the level (at least $2 billion annually and possibly more), and nature and quality of food security related investments (in ADF, blend, and OCR DMCs) in terms of enhancing the impact of ADB's engagement; (b) expanding and deepening ADB partnership on sustainable food security with other donors and specialized agencies; (c) aligning ADB operations in ARDFS on selective basis; (d) increasing support for agriculture and natural resources research (ANRR); and (e) investing in collaborative learning and knowledge development. (ii) Assessed the appropriateness of the OP's definition of multisector engagement for sustainable food security and subsequently the scope covered under food security related investments; analyze and update ADB's food security related investments since 2009, prepare a status report on food security related investments by sector and region, and the projects' contribution to improving the productivity, connectivity, and resilience of agriculture and food value chains. (iii) Evaluated how the country/regional partnership strategies approved since 2009 have addressed food security matters and relate to the millennium development goals (MDGs). (iv) Assessed the contribution of ADB's food security operations to the achievement of the priority development outcomes outlined in the Strategy 2020. How did the OP fare in terms of the Strategy 2020's five areas of operation (infrastructure, environment, regional cooperation/integration, finance, and education) and in catalyzing the drivers of change (gender, private sector, good governance, knowledge solutions, and partnerships)? How does the OP relate to inclusive sustainable and green growth? (v) Evaluated the staff skills mix and institutional capacity in delivering significant impact on sustainable food security in the region; (vi) Evaluated how the key measures and recommendations made in the Operational Plan have been adopted and implemented in ADB operations since 2009, report major lessons learned, and recommend ways for improvement by reviewing best international practices, and good internal practices (revisit the IED's 2012 Annual Evaluation Report, Chapter 5) (vii) Reviewed and finalized the food security monitoring system that RSDD-AR has initiated in consultation with regional directors and technical panels, and propose food security related indicators for ADB's corporate results framework and project classification system which are acceptable to regional departments, RSDD, and SPD. (viii) Interviewed regional director generals and environment, natural resources, and agriculture division directors, and the management on their view of food security and progress of the operational plan; focused areas on ensuring food security in each region; planning for future supports in terms of investments, technical assistance, ANRR, knowledge products, and regional cooperation; and recommendations and guidance for ADB's food security related works. (ix) Based on the consultations and analyses, reported the implementation progress of the ADB Operational Plan for Sustainable Food Security, and recommend ways ahead and specific measures to increase ADB operations share on ARDFS, considering the findings and recommendations of Chapter 5 of the IED 2012 Annual Evaluation Review. (x) Organized and facilitated the ADB ARDFS Community of Practice retreat and the ADB-IFAD retreat in early December 2012. (xi) Organized meetings or present in the ARDFS seminars to discuss issues and share findings as needed.