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Implementing the Greater Mekong Subregion Core Agriculture Support Program (Phase 2)- Agriculture Strategy and Development Specialist

The Government of Myanmar has requested ADB's support to draft an Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS). So far, several plans and strategies have been prepared for Myanmar by development partners, civil society, and the Government. As such, there is a need to harmonize the existing documents into a coherent and consistent framework, and thus develop an ADS and an investment plan that reflects the overall priorities of the Government. The new document will also highlight the needs of the sector, and identify opportunities and targeted interventions to maximize the comparative and competitive advantages of Myanmar in the agriculture sector. The ADS is linked to the regional agriculture value chain strategic framework prepares under this Technical Assistance (TA). The outcome supports the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MOALI) in the design, update, and implementation of its second five-year agricultural development plan (2016/17-2020/21).



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Asian Development Bank

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Running project

Description of actual services provided in the assignment

The Specialist from ACI prepares and consolidates the agriculture and food security strategy and investment plan. As part of the process, the Specialist undertakes stocktaking of existing documents from the Government, civil society, and development partners; conducts assessment of institutions related to agricultural development; and consults with MOALI staff, key stakeholders, and agencies involved in the agriculture sector. The Specialist works closely with the Department of Planning of MOALI during the preparation of these documents.

Detailed Tasks and Expected Output

The specialist has the responsibilities to:

  1. Conduct a policy and strategy based on of existing documents prepared by the Government, civil society, and development partners.
  2. Prepare a succinct review of relevant data and studies, highlighting the key findings.
  3. Conduct a rapid assessment of existing institutions involved in agricultural development.
  4. Conduct consultations with key stakeholders in the government system, private sector, civil society, farmers, states of the Union, and development partners including the sector working group. The consultations will be focused on the preparation of a consolidated strategy and investment plan.
  5. In close collaboration with the Department of Planning, review existing planning procedures and plans for various departments of MOALI, and existing and planned projects by development partners.
  6. Formulate a consolidated Strategy building on existing Government documents and ideas floating around from various development partners.
  7. In close collaboration with the Department of Planning, formulate a draft Operational Plan for the implementation of the draft Consolidated Strategy.