Smart Policies and Practices for Shared Prosperity

Historically, most smallholder farmers used a “subsistence model”—growing enough food for household consumption and selling any additional production through informal farm-gate aggregators.  ACI’s value chain services promote a “commercial model”—investing in high-quality inputs and mechanization to boost both quality and quantity of production.  ACI helps smallholder farmers, farmer organizations and local small and mediums-sized businesses (SMEs) adopt best practices in production and processing to produce shared prosperity.

Focal Area Inclusive Value Chain Development Previous Project Experience
Policies and Strategies
  • Promoting an enabling environment for growth
  • Feasibility assessment, economic studies and policy research
  • Market development 
  • Rural investment strategies
  • Youth and women empowerment
Field Practices
  • Agribusiness Incubators
  • Smallholder Aggregation Methods
  • Integrating information and communication technologies (ICT) in agribusiness  
  • Innovative financing alternatives
  • Market access
Multi-Party Partnerships
  • Facilitation of PPPs
  • Value chain linkages
  • Community-based agricultural production zones
  • Finding public and private sources of funding

Developing value chains that include smallholder and small-scale farmers is an imperative for rural economic development and enhanced livelihoods.