Smart Policies and Practices for Shared Prosperity

Food Security and Food Safety are critical issues in all developing countries.  Effectively addressing these issues is a shared concern among policy makers, farmers, food processors and a wide range of other partners in the sector.  Food availability, accessibility, affordability and sustainability have been successfully integrated by ACI into effective solutions in a wide range of countries.  In addition, the issues of food safety and nutritional value are also key areas of ACI’s services.

Focal Areas


Food Security

and Food Safety

Previous Project Experience


Policies and Strategies
  • Food security and nutrition strategy
  • Resilience and disaster risk reduction
  • Public food distribution systems
  • Sanitary and Phytosanitary standards and harmonization
Field Practices
  • Early-warning systems
  • Strategic grain reserves
  • Improving health and nutrition practices
  • Post-harvest processing and logistics
  • Quality and safety assurance systems


  • Regional multi-party partnerships
  • National and sub-national networks
  • Empowering local capacity through collaboration

ACI has a strong history of successful programs addressing all of the elements of food security and food safety.