Smart Policies and Practices for Shared Prosperity

Agriculture is a major contributor to GHG emissions and is significantly affected by climate change.  Climate change is already having profound impacts on agriculture and food; and these negative impacts are expected to become increasingly more severe. Changing rainfall patterns, spread of pests and plant disease, rising temperatures, and an increase in storms are all affecting farmers in negative ways.  ACI provides a set of practical services to help government agencies, development agencies and farmers anticipate and manage climate change impacts.  ACI provides policy, practice and partnership services for climate change adaptation and mitigation. 

Focal Areas


Climate Smart Agriculture


Previous Project Experience


Policies and Strategies
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies 
  • Landscape-based, eco-agriculture program design
  • Disaster risk reduction and mgt.
  • Agroforestry, REDD and carbon credits
Field Practices
  • Water mgt. and irrigation systems
  • Climate adaptation technical assistance
  • Distributed energy systems for agricultural 
  • Community forest and degraded land restoration


  • Mitigation and adaptation programs
  • Coalition building
  • Accessing public and private sources of funding

Creating enhanced resilience to changing weather patterns requires a new set of tools and approaches.