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The Workshop on Monitoring and Reporting of Sub Projects HIMALI

The Workshop on Monitoring and Reporting of sub-projects was held from August 21 to 28 at the Entrance Café, Bakhundole, Lalitpur. The workshop was facilitated by professional from the HIMALI team led by Dr. Bimal Kumar Nirmal, the project director of HIMALI; and resource persons from the Nepali Government official. The objective is to improve the monitoring and evaluation practices within the Project. The new M&E is based on updated data collection system, which will allow the District Monitoring Teams (DMT) having timely and accurate information on each sub-project. The report generated by the M&E system including experiences, best practices, and lessons learned can be shared across sub-projects so as to improve the overall efficiency of the district monitoring team. About 28 DMTs staff that includes Social Mobilization Teams (SMTs) and District Agro Enterprise Specialist (DAES) participated in the workshop. DMTs are the staff involved in monitoring and data collection of productions, revenue generations, employment etc.