Smart Policies and Practices for Shared Prosperity

Midterm Review of LCASP

Agrifood Consulting International (ACI) in collaboration with ADConsult is providing Loan Implementation Consultant (LIC) services for a project on Low Carbon Agriculture Support in Vietnam.

A Mid-term Review of Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded Low Carbon Agriculture Support Project has recently been completed in September 2016. The Project is expected to increase the uptake of Climate Smart Agriculture Waste Management Practices (CSAWMP) as measured by the increased use of clean biogas energy and organic bio-slurry fertilizers. The Project is executed by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in 10 provinces for a period of six years from 2013 to mid 2019. 

The review noted that the Project is making good progress in terms of meeting the original targets. Most biogas generated by biogas plants are utilized effectively for cooking. Daily workload of women and children is now reduced by around 2.85 hours, on average. To streamline the project for the rest of the project period, the mission recommended some changes in output level indicators and targets. Number of small biogas plants has been increased to 65,000, of which 14,000 are targeted to the poor, near poor and ethnic minorities. CSAWMP demonstrations and adaptive research areas have been identified. Regarding the consulting management support, the mission noted that Loan Implementing Consultant team is providing good support to CPMU and PPMUs.