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Guidebook for Agricultural Investment in Cambodia

The Guidebook for Agricultural Investment aims to help investors who are interested to invest in this sector in Cambodia. ACI is working with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries for this project.

The Investment Guidebook is part of larger set of actions aiming to enhance the agricultural sector (first pillar of the strategic growth rectangles). It also embraces the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) strategies of mobilizing and attracting foreign investment, developing and modernizing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), strengthening competitiveness through regulatory environment, and coordinating supporting policies.

This guidebook will support the development of the agriculture and agribusiness sector through providing brief and useful information for potential investors, both foreign and domestic. The guidebook presents the potential for agricultural and agribusiness, the Government policies and regulations including norms and standards; the overall investment climate, procedures for starting business, and the existing laws and regulations covering the business and the Government incentives to attract investors. It will also present the opportunities through descriptive analysis of key agricultural and agri-business sectors and sub-sectors; the intellectual properties rights in Cambodia; and the reference sources for further information and support.